Episode 70: Production

In the latest show Terence and Philip talk about Lunch with Philip and Greg; what it is and the 4K, small production kit approach that allows the show to be produced over lunch in regular restaurants. The discussion moves to other production and why we got into the business in the first place before discussing the future of motion graphics in the era of templatorization. (Motion VFX, Stupid Raisins, Fiverr).

Terence and Philip answer some listener questions, including “Where do we compromise, and where can we not compromise” and “When is too much media is enough”.

Episode 68: Planning for the Future

Philip’s Family History project has led to some serious thinking about the future, and how to plan for  and survive the changes that are coming.

There is also discussion of the importance of recording your family history while you can.

Episode 67: Reflections on NAB 2015

A wide ranging look at all things NAB 2015, from Terence and Philip’s very subjective perspectives. Avid, Adobe, Blackmagic Design and some companies that start with C-Z as well.

Thanks to Alpha Dogs’ intern Ryan Choi for editing this episode.

Episode 63: NAB 2014 and Beyond.

In this episode Terence and Philip discuss NAB 2014: Avid’s direction, AJA’s new camera, drones and cars that drive themselves, the new Dolby monitor, NAB excitement levels, and Lumberjack System.

Many thanks to Alpha Dogs intern Sam Vargas for editing this show

Episode 62: Innovation

Terence and Philip discussion innovation, starting with a recent article questioning Avid’s continued ability to innovate. The discussion covers who might be innovating, what it innovation and a whole lot of other subjects as well.


Thanks to Alpha Dogs interns Jesse Dunham and Hector Gonzalez for editing this episode.

Episode 61: Apps and Workflows

In this episode Terence and Philip discuss the way the App Store works and the issues that arise for developers; business models and compatibility between versions in Media Composer; in-app purchases; Adobe panels; Flash; Creative Cloud; app interchange formats; reporting; and app ecosystems.

Thanks to Alpha Dogs intern Hector Gonzalez for editing this show.