About Us

Terence Curren has had a passion for filmed entertainment since the age of 12, when he began creating home movies with an old eight-millimeter camera.

He began his career in the early 1980s by directing, editing and producing music videos and a direct-to-video feature film. In 1986, he spearheaded the evolution of a major post-production facility’s edit bays, where he became senior editor in short order.

He founded AlphaDogs in 2002 to fulfill his vision of a small personable company with big talent. Terence conceived of the Editors’ Lounge in 2003 as a way of giving something back to the post-production community, and introduced the Digital Service Station in 2004 to assist independent filmmakers with a service-bureau approach towards media i/o.

His reviews and tutorials of emerging post technologies have appeared in Post, DV Magazine and numerous other publications. His extensive knowledge of the Avid along with his rich editorial and color-correction experience, has earned him the recognition of his peers and a legion of loyal clients.

Philip Hodgetts is a technologist, editor, industry pundit, podcasting veteran and specialist in new distribution systems. He has 25 years experience in production and post, more than 10 of them in the digital realm. He is a recognized authority on the changing nature of the digital landscape and has an enviable record of accurately predicting the implication of changing technology over the last decade.

His early adoption of non-linear editing gave him insight into the business effect of technology adoption. His very early use of podcasting led to the development of its business implications and opportunities.

He has presented at many conferences and seminars including Keynote addresses for the New York DV Show; Academy of Television Arts and Sciences NEXT TV symposium; and the Podcast Summit at NAB, as well as presented at Streaming Media East and West, NAB Post|Production, Seybold among others.

He is the co-founder of both klckTab.com – the simplest way to sell digital content online – and AssistedEditing.com – the first real innovation in computer assisted editing in 20 years. You can read his thoughts at philiphodgetts.com.