3 thoughts on “Episode 51: Avid’s Change of CEO

  1. Avid, a model in how to not run a company. I loved my Euphnoix MC series control surfaces, until Avid bought it, released their own drivers, and they won’t work now. Way to go…

  2. I am working at a major cable network that, with the EOL of FCP7 is struggling with the direction to take in choice of NLE. This podcast doesn’t instill confidence in Avid for me. However, Avid’s strength at project and file sharing is still driving us to move to Avid. With 20 seats of NLE to replace, a move to any current NLE choice is a gamble

  3. If you need project and media sharing, Avid is still king. And the strength of the product means it isn’t going anywhere. Even if another company were to buy out Avid, they would continue the product line. The server technology is one of Avid’s profit areas.

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