4 thoughts on “Episode 48: Who should use which NLE?

  1. I find it rather hilarious if not in fact utterly hypocritical of Terrence of all people to say “people were pissed off… who cares? There are other tools to use. Get over it!” when HE in fact was by far one of the loudest people screaming just 6-12 months ago, calling Apple names, spouting the “iMovie Pro!” nonsense, as others were saying JUST THAT to HIM.

    Talk about sanctimonious after the fact. Wow. Try listening to your own podcast from that time and try back-tracking less and acting as if that was your stance all along.

  2. I guess I am missing something here. What exactly have I changed in my stance on FCPX? It is still iMovie Pro, regardless of how that upsets you and Philip. Don’t believe me? Okay, would it be easier for a professional editor to move from iMovie to FCPX or from FCP7 to FCPX?

    Just as Aperture is the move up from iPhoto, FCPX is the move up from iMovie. That isn’t condescending, and it’s a typically brilliant marketing move by Apple. But that doesn’t make FCPX a tool that works in my universe.

    PS: I don’t need to listen to my podcasts, I was there. 😉

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