Episode 12: The future of Final Cut Pro

This episode starts with discussion about a potential Adobe and Microsoft merger and its implications. Which leads into a discussion about 64 bit QuickTime.

The primary discussion revolves around a discussion on what Philip thinks Apple should be doing with Final Cut Pro.

Thanks as always to Zach Spell for editing the show and making us sound intelligent.

12 thoughts on “Episode 12: The future of Final Cut Pro

  1. Minor correction: 5 (maybe 6) “pro” NLEs on OSX. 😉

    Avid Media Composer/Symphony/NewsCutter
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Media 100
    Autodesk Smoke
    The Foundry STORM (coming soon)

    Plus : FCE & iMovie

    – Oliver

  2. I think the Smoke editors would disagree with it not being a “real” NLE. Would you consider Quantel eQ or Avid DS not “real” NLEs? Or in years past – Media 100 844x? Let’s just say its specialty is finishing and not long-form story editing, which doesn’t negate the concept.

    As far as STORM, I think it’s too early to tell, since it’s not actually on the market yet. In reality, I think the path for STORM will be to offline on FCP and then go to STORM for finishing.

    To Philip’s point – market share…. That’s valid, but an entirely different issue than whether or not there are 2 options. The real interesting point is that for the first time in ages, the “mature” world of post – especially on the Mac – has seen more innovation than in many a year.

    – Oliver

    1. I think it’s fair to say we have three “competitive” NLE on the Mac OS because they together dominate most of the market. Media100 is still an option, but not a popular one. A far cry from the number 2 position they enjoyed back in the nineties.

      About Smoke; it is kind of confusing since they are not selling it as a NLE replacement. Maybe someone with experience in Smoke can tell us what it is missing when used as an editor exclusively, compared to Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. I was watching an interview with Maurice Patel and Marc Petite from Autodesk, when asked this same question they said that you can make editorial decisions inside Smoke for Mac, but the system was designed to complement the NLE, not to replace it. According to them, it is a all-in-one finishing system, not necessarily an editing system.

      Mr. Peters, it is good to see you here Sir. I have been a long time reader of your articles in the trade magazines.

      P.S. – Ignoring Adobe Premiere CS5 would be a big mistake. I am sure Avid and Apple are taking notes.

  3. I agree on the Premiere note. Adobe is pushing hard in this area. And they have a strong overall integration with their entire suite going all he way through to DVD or the web.

    One weak point for Premiere hits in long form projects. It doesn’t handle the increased amount of data well.

    As for the web integration, if Apple gets it’s wish and kills Flash, Adobe will look silly backing only that horse.

  4. I agree that the last version of Adobe Premiere Pro is really good !! I really like the native editing of HDSLR footages.

    I’m also on Twitter and I recently read several users (influent ones actually) saying that they’re going to switch from FCP to Premiere.

    The next version of FCP really need to come on the market…

    1. It can’t come on the market until it’s ready, can it? To do so prematurely would hurt Apple more than help, I think.

      1. Totally agree !! I was just speaking in term of market, not developpement.
        Photoshop and AE are already huge references. If Premiere become another one, it should be hard for Apple to compete.

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