Episode 61: Apps and Workflows

In this episode Terence and Philip discuss the way the App Store works and the issues that arise for developers; business models and compatibility between versions in Media Composer; in-app purchases; Adobe panels; Flash; Creative Cloud; app interchange formats; reporting; and app ecosystems.

Thanks to Alpha Dogs intern Hector Gonzalez for editing this show.

The Terence and Philip Show Episode 57

A wide ranging episode that starts with a discussion of Avid’s financials, and goes all over the place from there. This episode was recorded before the release of Adobe Creative Cloud and the preview of the new MacPro. And a discussion of beer and wine seemed to be an appropriate analogy along the way. Sometimes a little heated.


Notes:  Adobe Creative Cloud now has over 700,000 subscribers. Terry did look it up and the (now old) MacPro can indeed carry two GPUs (but no more than two efficiently).


Thanks to Curtis Fritsch for editing this show.