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Episode 82: What do You Get Paid For?

Terence Curren and Philip Hodgetts discuss the important role of professional skills and experience. They discuss the difference between having the tools, knowing how to use them and how to create with those tools.

With so much changing, new careers will need to be invented.

Episode 81: Are Editors Introverts?

Terence and Philip discuss introversion and why introverts make good editors.

Terence mentions Susan Cain’s book  “The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking”, and her website Susan Cain’s Ted Talk

Philip refers to RESPeRATE Ultra – Blood Pressure Lowering Device For Non-Drug Hypertension

Episode 80: Should Apple (or You) go to Trade Shows

In a new Terence and Philip Show they start from the question “Should Apple be present at Trade Shows like NAB?” and then extend discussion to question whether there is still a role for big trade shows like NAB and IBC.

Philip mentions Lumberjack Builder. If someone knows what Avid product we were trying to remember, email [email protected] and I’ll update this page.

Episode 79: TV holds the top spot in tech devices?

Terence starts the discussion by quoting an article that says that “TV is the top tech device”, which leads to a discussion on the TV experience and viewing habits.

The discussion also delves into the connection between internet serve and cable, and the availability of internet. Then on to constantly changing nature of the media and entertainment industry. How do we deal with these change. Philip shares some of the changes his software business has experienced.

Terence asks how do we get what we work on, what we produce, get seen? Are we all going to be YouTube stars? The YouTube advantage as an artist. That leads to the value of “sucking” as a newbie.

The value of democratization of production, and the limitations, and the new literacies.

As a footnote to the discussion, Philip has upgraded to an Apple TV 4K and now watches almost all “cable” through Apple TV apps on demand, since this show was recorded mid 2017.

Episode 78: AI and Editing

Recently a research team at Sanford University showed a demonstration project that purported to cut a piece of dialog in “different styles.” What does it mean and how does it related to the work Philip Hodgetts and Dr Gregory Clarke did in 2008 with First Cuts.  What will it mean for employment?


Episode 77: Imposter Syndrome

In this episode Terence and Philip discuss being imposters, or the feeling that some have of being an imposter, known as Imposter Syndrome, and what can be done to overcome it. They also discuss how failure is part of the gig and to keep trying.

Thanks to Alpha Dogs’ interns for editing the show.

Episode 75: Zack Arnold, Keeping Fit and more.

Terence and Philip welcome Zack Arnold to The Terence and Philip Show to talk about his passion for Fitness in Post and Optimal performance. The conversation covers a wide range of topics and is one of our longest shows yet.

Episode 74: Avid and Artificial Intelligence

In this episode Terence and Philip discuss Avid’s future and the future of the industry with Artificial Intelligence coming to post. Recorded before our Fitness in Post podcast on the same topic.
Thanks to Alpha Dogs’ intern Juan Benavide for the editing.

Episode 73: Metadata, Citizenship, AI, APIs and more

Episode 73 of The Terence and Philip Show is a typical show covering a variety of topics focused around metadata and the use of smart algorithms (Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs) and Philip’s relatively recent American Citizenship.

Thanks to Alpha Dogs’ intern Juan Benavidez for editing this episode.