2 thoughts on “Episode 64: 4K

  1. Hi guys,
    This year at NAB I specifically wanted to deal with the issue of.. Just how much resolution is enough..
    I highly advice you to watch the video I shot.
    NAB 2014 – 16 – UHVS2 – Understanding the Human Visual System – Dr Jenny Read
    At: http://www.cinetechgeek.com/2014/05/27/nab-2014-16-uhvs2-understanding-the-human-visual-system-dr-jenny-read/

    In this video, Dr Jenny Read who studies this exact issue takes you though the science of this topic..


  2. Great podcast. Loved your thoughts about the resolution, bandwidth and the post work flow compared to the home experience.

    Just discovered your show by the way and I love it. I work a lot in post production and deal with these issues all the time.

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