2 thoughts on “Episode 60: The cost of producing movies

  1. Hay guys,
    Can you coment on in next ep..

    With Avid Dropping DS, and there finishing tools looking non-existent. While Adobe is kicking goals with CC.. And BMD fireing up with Resolve.. and finally, Autodesk Smoke sitting out the back being larely ignored..

    How do you see the landscape changing. Is Avid dropping behind and becoming irrelevant? “Is Media Composer just a good offline now.. and Avid has not full end to end solution?”

    Are there other players coming up behind to fill the Avid hole?


    1. Seriously? You leave out the huge strides that FCP X is making?? Your “Avid hole” has LONG been filled. Already during FCP *7* days. Though that’s not even something anyone wants, considering their shitty reputation.

      Puh-leeze. Avid already IS and will only more so become completely irrelevant, yes. The most arrogant, slow and overpriced NLE makers with ZERO sense of the market will only be around long enough to feed the few narrow-minded, near-retirement editors they have left, since they most certainly are NOT gaining users, then they will wither completely. By that time there will be various people even upstaging them on collaborative editing, their last bastion and tiny hope of existence left.

      The only ones worth mentioning that can even still be considered players, are Adobe and Apple. Where I clearly see FCP X beating PPro by a clear margin, if only slowly but surely.


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