Episode 6

The episode when Philip explains how QuickTime’s flexibility caused difficulties when imported to Final Cut Pro, which leads to a discussion on what is QuickTime; how the event-based nature of QuickTime isn’t ideal for video and what would need to change. Plus what is a framework, QTKit and what development has happened in the Cocoa-ization of QuickTime, necessary for any future Cocoa 64 bit Final Cut Pro. And a short discussion on the pleasures of Flash.

Note: Although Philip says “no QuickTime on an iPhone” the player shows the QuickTime icon but that’s the only thing in common with QuickTime on Mac OS X.

UPDATE: Just came across a Cocoa Heads presentation on AV Foundation on Slideshare that doesn’t seem to be covered by an NDA. From what I understand AV Foundation “replaces” QT in the iOS. Check out page 14 and 29 in particular. ¬†Also slide 9 – how far has QTkit come with Classes and Methods and how far has AV Foundation came.

I wrote more at my blog Introducing AV Foundation and the future of QuickTime.

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