Episode 5

Terence and Philip talk about “What to do if you’re starting out now” in production or post, and why Advertising is a “bad deal for everyone” and what the alternatives are. The growth of Internet broadband and what’s happening in Australia coming full circle back to what to do if you’re starting out now.

7 thoughts on “Episode 5

  1. The problem with the consumer-funded TV model, as I see it, is that it requires a simple infrastructure in place for the non-tech-saavy. I can’t see my old relatives easing into a system where they can, or for that matter WANT to, choose which shows they want to buy via a web-connected TV. The beauty of TV, for them, is it works without user interaction (beyond changing channels).

  2. Hi guys! Love the show… I discovered it today and had listened to every single one. I like that Terrence is an “Avid” guy while Philip is an “Apple” guy… it balances out very well. One suggestion; keep a distance from the mic when you start laughing. I have to lower the speaker volume every time you do that. Specially, Phillip, his laugh can be kind of annoying. I’m sorry to be this honest. Other than that, just keep up the good work and keep the episodes coming.

  3. Zak,

    How long can our old relatives support an industry the size of the broadcast industry? That’s the issue.


    Thanks for the feedback. Right now we have one of our audio guys set us up with a limiter. Hard to justify having him stay in the room and ride levels. I’ll try to keep that in mind.

  4. Hi!
    Great podcast, i really like the rambling style that makes it fun to listen to. You guys mentioned a editing software , name of software?

    thanks in advance!

    1. I know for sure we mentioned Final Cut Pro and Media Composer video editing software. We may have mentioned iMovie (iLife 09) or Sony Vegas on PCs. Hope that helps.


  5. Hey guys loved the podcast, but I must say it doesn’t sound like your limiting your audio!? I probably won’t listen to another until the hot laughter is somehow contained…

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