8 thoughts on “Episode 45: The Post NAB Show

  1. OK, now about this metadata stuff. Can we think about “real world” implementation? Most of what you talk about is fine, but how many folks really, REALLY will do that in the real world? FCPX and FCSvr both use extensive metadata, and as a consultant and trainer who’s taught and installed this stuff around the US, very, very, very FEW real world production facilities really take advantage of automation and metadata. It’s nice, but seriously, few folks really take true advantage of it.

    1. Discovery, for one, make enormous use of metadata to drive automated processes that take “thousands of clicks” out of the workflow. Metadata driven automation is at the core of Avid Professional Services – essentially integrating systems to be automatically driven from metadata.

      For Solar Odyssey we’re adding the metadata in real time so when it’s merged with the FCP X Event XML, it’s pre-logged.

      We set up a client a year ago to completely automatically derive about 60 output formats from every image. They produce several hundred images a day. That was metadata driven.

  2. What seems incongruous to me is while the push from equipment manufacturers is towards 4k and 8k, on the consumer side screens are actually getting smaller!

    I think in the near future the share of motion pictures that is consumed initially on your iphone or ipad like device, will grow much faster than the share of people watching TV in the living room on the 100 inch plus screens which you’ll need for 8k.

    1. Hi John,

      I agree that it seems silly to be pushing for larger formats when smaller screens are used to view. On the other hand, Manufacturers want to keep selling new gear. SO that is where the push comes from.

      I don;t have any statistics on this but I would think that the folks watching sports at home will keep wanting larger screens. Football on an iphone seems a little ridiculous.

  3. Nice choice on the NEX7 Phillip – I just brought one as a B CAM to my FS100 – now only if Avid would come out with a better work flow for AVCHD I’d be sweet

    1. I’m really impressed with it, as a b cam for an FS100. FCP X deals with the footage really well 😉

  4. Terrence….
    Nice to hear you mention Smoke on the show. The demo guy you mentioned…that was me. Where’s the market you asked? Well you answered it later in the show when you talked about Avid sales and
    Premiere sales have not filled the gap of FCP7.
    I was amazed at the number of people still using FCP7 and shopping for a replacement.

    Oh, and Smoke could trim on the timeline since last century. And trimming although important doesn’t demo well. The point was to show that it was very similar to NLEs you may know and love.

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