Episode 18: What’s coming in 2011

In this episode Terence and Philip, with Greg Huson from Secret HQ, look forward to what we can expect in 2011.  You might want to pace yourself on this one as we’ve set a new record for show length.

What will the Microsoft Kinect be used for? Who’ll be releasing new software this year – will we see new versions of Media Composer, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Creative Suite? Will Avid open up to 3rd party hardware? What will be in those releases? Is this the year Metadata (finally) takes off?

How many movies have to not make money from 3D before the fad is over? Or will 3D TV spark 3D production? Will we see RED Epic this year and will it be a success? What will develop with large sensor cameras?

How will the collapse of State Governments affect production subsidies? Will runaway production come back to LA?

When will the tipping point come when distribution breaks out of broadcast and cable channel models? Is ivi going to be ruled legal? What’s the future of Netflix? Is a social network a replacement for channel guides?

What do we wish we could predit for this year? More use of metadata for production automation and where it comes from? What if we didn’t do a first string-out manually? This leads to a discussion of the philosophy of editing.

What will be this year’s surprise? Another DSLR? Another daVinci/Smoke on Mac?

What will happen in distribution? What’s the future of DVD Extras?

What isn’t going to happen that needs to happen?

5 thoughts on “Episode 18: What’s coming in 2011

  1. I am amazed there are no comments.
    Really liked the show.

    Honesty about how the industry is not all rosy is hard to come by in any podcast.

    The industry issues discussed are those I expected to exist in Hollywood (tho I am from Australia so have no local knowledge.)

    Its interesting to see how fast digital acquisition has taken over now that strike made everyone give it a go.. and surprise surprise, they are not looking back.

    Pitty about RED. I got a lot of flack about stating on my blog and in a audio podcast that RED would likely end up in its current position a few years ago.

    On that, I think RED will stay the hi-end camera. Its a market Canon will not get into as the returns are not high enough. Too much overhead. Canon are Mass market, move boxes.

    Cinema needs extremely understood workflows and product knowledge with a lot of knobs.
    At the end of the day you want to be paying for the guy operating the camera and his knowledge. the camera is just like a screw driver. You want an industrial stength screw driver and RED or ARRI is that.

    I wish RED the best, but give it up on the Scarlet, get the Epic 5K running super reliable. That is their market now.

    My future is that we will see more of the same. In terms of erosion of old business models (Specifically in content creation businesses..)
    I see a lot of work going into netflix ideas and death struggles based on trying to make those new models work in some way.

    I see a lot more work on developing the new lean back experiance. I personally like the idea behind GoogleTV. Ie the freedom of the web and retrieving ocntent as it is on a web page. why should it be any different. why should be be controlled. (Ie like Cable TV providers want to place upon us) The right formula is not available yet. Or really, the content gateways are not willing to open the flood gates yet as they don;t see their take being high enough.

    Steve now going from Apple, I see some possible interesting developments their. (Towards openess) I know they want to be BMW, and in the short term they are killing it, but long term.
    You know Toyota make BMW look like a car yard.
    $$$$ makes the stock price go up..


  2. Hi James,

    A lot of folks download through iTunes or ProVideoCoalition.com so they never see this page to leave comments. Kind of a bummer as we hoped to have more discussions to spur thought here.

    Red is in the high end market, but they are getting hurt by the other guys entering that world. Now it’s Alexa. Once Sony opens up the F3 to more than 35 Mbit XDCAM, the floodgates will be wide open. Red doesn’t have the resources to take on Sony. Now if Red would just deliver that 4K projector they once talked about….

    The market that will comprise the future isn’t here yet. As you point out, lots of folks want to control it, from Apple to Netflix. I still say the same thing I said in the late 90s when everyone was first excited about this concept. The pipeline isn’t there.

    In the US, instead of making a bigger pipeline for the last 10 years, we’ve been figuring out how to squeeze the data down to fit into existing architecture. The problem is, quality suffers. When I stream a movie, the digital artifacts drive me crazy. And wait until everyone in the world is hitting the internet at the same time to download content. OUCH!

  3. Liked the chat, especially the wish of Davinci in Avid! How cool would that be…
    Still have my fingers-crossed for something serious regarding colour correction for Symph in NAB this year (no matter how naive that might be).

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