The Terence and Philip Show Episode 57

A wide ranging episode that starts with a discussion of Avid’s financials, and goes all over the place from there. This episode was recorded before the release of Adobe Creative Cloud and the preview of the new MacPro. And a discussion of beer and wine seemed to be an appropriate analogy along the way. Sometimes a little heated.


Notes:  Adobe Creative Cloud now has over 700,000 subscribers. Terry did look it up and the (now old) MacPro can indeed carry two GPUs (but no more than two efficiently).


Thanks to Curtis Fritsch for editing this show.

7 thoughts on “The Terence and Philip Show Episode 57

  1. Sorry, just had to down tools and do the ‘Letters to editor – Annoyed from Slough’ thing as therapy after shouting at Terry and his dismissive attitude to professionals who use FCPX.

    I and my happy band of colleagues have turnovers in 6 figures without touching the Broadcast or Cinema circuit – my video business, and I think all my colleagues, is 100% web. No money left in the low to mid end broadcast market, and the Film industry is notoriously underpaid.

    So, yes – FCPX is perfectly viable as a Professional editing platform – lets have less of this ‘high falutin’ ‘if you’re not broadcast, you’re not pro’ talk, Terry! 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I never said you can’t make money using FCPX. As Ben said above, you can make money using iMovie. My point is that FCPX isn’t making huge inroads in our section of the industry as it doesn’t have elegant project sharing like Avid does.

    As Philip continually points out, I live in a very small piece of the total post market, but it is the world I live in. Will this potentially change in the future, yes, but for now Avid makes a better multi-user editing platform.

  3. Oh the irony! 😀 To take WINE as a comparison. Where the price of “high-quality” wines is decided by nothing and no one else other than 1-2 select wine reviewers and surely not by what the MASSES think about it. So yeah, you’re right. “Pro” is decided by a select few that do it for nothing other than self-serving and proliferation purposes. To give the a select few nothing but some contrived illusion that what they’re paying 5-10 times more for actually is better by the same amount. What bs.

    Before that, you actually make PHILIPS point, Terence, and completely contradict yourself. First it’s “yeah, but anyone doing QUALITY and PRO work needs PCI -slots, multi-GPUs yadda yadda…” (the usual “pro” speak when the only real goal is to dismiss FCP X as “iMovie Pro” since it threatens their “pro” sensibilities). Since just the mere thought that some home user could actually be using the same tool as you (only differently) is just insulting to one’s ego, no? But then when Philip points to a show (one of many btw!) being done entirely on FCP X and iMacs, the tone turns to “yeah, but he knows what he’s doing and is A PRO, so that doesn’t count”. Erm… EXACTLY. No one that knows their craft needs AVID, MULTIPLE GPUs and PCI-slots… aside from maybe some 2% of the market, which Philip pointed to perfectly. But even then I can almost guarantee that they too are doing it for nothing other than the BLING, not because they couldn’t possibly doing it any other way.

    You essentially say/suggest nothing other than “without Mac Pros and GPUs and PCI-slots I can’t add that ‘extra special something’ (unique, individual, finely crafted bla bla) that puts me apart from the YouTubers and X-users”… [faceplam] You clearly don’t think much of your own overall abilities, eh? To think any of that has ANYTHING decisively to do with a decent end-product.

    And whatever “elegant project sharing” means (certainly not the price-tag!), but you clearly need to take off the Avid blinders and watch e.g. “Magic Feathers” series on collaborative FCP X workflows. Sorry that not everyone is willing to pay $$$$ for “elegant” for no apparent reason, other than to boast how much more “pro” one is. The whole “the hammer makes the carpenter” malarky. Good luck with that.

    One gets the feeling (as usual) that you’re simply clinging desperately to your “pro world” of yesteryear without rhyme nor reason. Just as anyone else unwilling to see what TODAY’S production world is all about and that IMHO FCP X is in fact currently the ONLY NLE that actually has a firm grip on it. Define your “professionalism” by nothing more than your hardware and 4-5 digit price-tags and see where it gets you in 2-3 years…

    Oh and Ben (Balser), as always, you just don’t get it.
    And you forgot to include your training vita in your post as you normally do to validate any and every non-point you make, be it to the actual point or not, but rather just for the sake of having said something and to stay true to your “1000 posts a day” principle.

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