Episode 56: Does the TV industry need it’s own “Steve Jobs” Visionary?

Terence and Philip consider whether or not the Television Industry needs a visionary like Apple’s Steve Jobs to innovate into the future. The Television industry will undergo upheaval anyway, with or without a visionary, but in what direction?

Episode 54: RED v Sony

In this episode Terence and Philip discuss the legal action RED Digital Cinema has taken against Sony Corporation over a patent dispute.

In fairness to what is said in the show, RED have suggested they will have an interesting announcement(s) at NAB 2013.

Thanks to Curtis Fritsch for editing this and recent shows.

Episode 52: “Live” from the HPA Tech Retreat 2013

The Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat was, once again, held in Indian Wells, CA. Terence and Philip both attended this year’s retreat and recorded this show immediately after the welcome dinner, Wednesday night.

They discuss the topics from the Tech Retreat, and go off on a few tangents.

Episode 47: Solar Odyssey

Yes, finally, another Terence and Philip Show! This time Terence grills Philip on what really happened during the Solar Odyssey, the production lessons learnt and what else has come out of the experience.


Thanks to Alpha Dogs intern Sean Yap.