2 thoughts on “Episode 55: NAB 2013

  1. On your discussion about the BM Pocket Camera, I thought your comment about how the consumers pay the more support they expect was amusing. However consider that $995 is a great deal of money for a hobbyist or small production business. It’s all relative. In my market (mostly industrial) I’ve paid around $5000 for camcorders and have gotten a reasonably quick return on my investment. A close associate of mine plays in a bigger field and pays between $15,000 and $30,000. He also expects ROI. All should expect a reasonable level of customer support regardless of the price. I hope BM listens to your podcast and takes a hint.

  2. Support has been the long running issue with BlackMagic. But the stuff is so cheap you can almost throw it away and buy a new one. So there is a trade-off. I will say that Blackmagic did replace a bad decklink card for us recently, but we had to send our existing one in and wait for quite a while. This meant I had to buy a replacement card anyway as we can’t have a bay down for weeks. So now I have a spare.

    AJA on the other hand will Fedex overnight a card to you if they can’t solve your problem over the phone. But they cost more.

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