Episode 37: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1

The discussion starts with a discussion of the release of Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1. We know what features are in this release and what else is coming in “early 2012” but what will Apple do for Version 2?

Terence and Philip discuss Intelligent Assistance’s new release Project X27 for transferring Final Cut Pro X XML to Final Cut Pro 7 XML for use in Color, Soundtrack Pro, Premiere Pro CS 5.5, OMF export and beyond. This leads to a discussion about the various flavors of XML and the differences in data structures between the two versions of Final Cut Pro. The differences between the publicly available FCPXML and the internal AXEL XML format used by Apple internally and for the Automatic Duck OMF/AAF export from Final Cut Pro X.

We briefly discuss the Automatic Duck changes in that context.

Back to the Final Cut Pro X discussion we talk about how fast Final Cut Pro X is in practical editing, and where the deal breakers may be for certain editors.



Many thanks to Curtis Fritsch for editing and making us sound smarter.

4 thoughts on “Episode 37: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1

  1. the copy paste is so poor in fcpx, yes I agree

    why can aperture do and FCPX cant
    to me the 2 seem similar
    that apple have crippled deliberately

    audio mixing beats avid (which is properly crippled on audio)
    the audio sync indicator is a big issue yes

    the one problem I am having on FCPX is trying to do track type work (thinking fake multicam, total nightmare once i configured) or working on a less powerful machine.

    everything else has been very nice so far and training others has been a lot easier than fcp7 ever was.

    the training side and how easy it is for non techies really enthuses me, it will mean what you get for onlining is looked after in a way it never was with fcp7. in fact fcpx is doing what an assistant or tech department was doing for a lot of compenies and this is key to understanding how well designed it really is.

    1. The one thing you can safely assume is that absolutely no-one cripples their software. With brand new software it takes time to build that simply cannot be rushed. Rushing or adding more engineers generally makes the process take longer (Myth of the Man Month if you’re interested).

      I agree, selective pasting of attributes is very much needed, a sync indicator would be nice. True Multicam is coming. Your insight into the design I think is spot on.

  2. I’ve seen the Final Cut Pro X work recently and I must say its great editing software. I sensibly noted some of the crucial discussion from this post because I’m planning to use this software. Therefore this info will help me a lot. Anyways I’ll see you on your next discussion. Thanks 🙂

  3. Very interesting Philip.
    I’ve got a feeling you’ll make quite a few sales with ProjextX27. Even with limitations it sounds like a clever way to get around a number of FCPX’s short-comings.

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