Episode 21: Talking about the “new” Final Cut Pro

This is the show where we talk for twenty eight and a half minutes about a version of Final Cut Pro that neither of us have seen, nor have any real information about. We make some intelligent guesses on what to expect.

Many thanks to Isai Espinoza for editing the show and making us sound smart.

12 thoughts on “Episode 21: Talking about the “new” Final Cut Pro

  1. It will be interesting to see how they convince the pro community that it’s a better way to work. I’m guessing there will be a lot of KoolAid involved.

  2. Or Media 100 will be vindicated 🙂 Started NLE editing without a viewer, and mostly only use if for manipulating effects.
    But I doubt it would be a popular call, without a lot of KoolAid.

  3. I agree with Philip. People want better, but they want the same. I like the old quote about Henry Ford. If he’d asked people what they wanted, they would have said, “A faster horse.” The existing tape to tape editing paradigm dates back to when… the 60’s? I started editing on film and have moved through all the various technological stages since the 1980s. And THE LAST thing I think we should want is to be tying ourselves to conventions that aren’t even relevant anymore.

    I have no idea what Apple is going to present, but I’m not going to start from a position of cynicism. I see waaaaayyy to many ways the UI could be much, MUCH better…

  4. Workflow improvement is key. I’m happy to see what new way of editing apple might come up with but the idea that they might throw basic 3-point editing out the window doesn’t sound encouraging. Media 100 was clunky and the new iMovie is about as imprecise as editing gets. Not being able to see a current edit frame while I precisely choose a new one doesn’t help my speed.

    Again, judgement reserved until we see it. Anxiously awaiting.

  5. The takeaway quote for me was Philip saying “People want everything to get better and not change…and that’s of course not possible.”

    Excellent podcast as always, Philip and Terry. Thanks!

    1. It’s a good read, although your comments on QT, QTKit and QT7 are not quite accurate. QTKit is the Cocoa version that can be compiled to 64 bit. Otherwise it falls through to QT (C API) But FCP could not, currently, build a new app on that old codec, which is why I believe it must be built on the iOS (coming to 10.7) AV Foundation.

      I am extremely skeptical of the idea of Color as a plug-in to FCP. Would make QC a much more complex job, but would improve the workflow.

      Terry Curren (my partner on The Terence and Philip Show) would certainly agree with you about the Apple Content Store. I remain skeptical because of the need to vet content before offering it for sale (App Store style).

  6. Yep! Apple has been moving towards being THE content distributor/viewer provider for many years now. If you look at the bigger picture, which is easy to piece together now that all the gaps are filled or filling in, then you can see it very clearly.

    Philip disagrees as he is looking at how hard it is to submit a movie to iTunes now. But that can change in a 10 second decision at Apple. And the lure of getting a small piece of every dollar made in content distribution is VERY powerful. Very iTunes-esque if you will.

    On one hand Philip has been extremely forward thinking in foreseeing the niche market future of internet TV. On the other hand, I feel he is turning a blind eye to Apple wanting a piece of that potentially enormous pie. But then, we have agreed to disagree on this point. 😉

  7. Ok, so I just opened up iMovie for the first time and dropped a transition between two clips, double clicked on the transition which brings up the inspector… HOLY SH**!

    Instant, and I mean INSTANT feedback on any number of transitions. WIN!!! and that’s with playing with the app for precisely 5mins.

    If this is the kind of technical improvements we’re going to see in the new FCP , I’m all for it.

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